Manufacturing of Dissolved Acetylene

Production Starts in our newly installed state of the art Dissolved Acetylene Manufacturing unit located in Rohtak. It was the largest plant in terms of Production capacity in Northern India.


Manufacturing of Carbon Dioxide

We commenced production of Carbon dioxide in Delhi – NCR Region and become one of the foremost suppliers to various auto component, food and beverages manufacturing units.


Manufacturing of Nitrogen

In this year we started producing Nitrogen Gas in Delhi – NCR region and started supplying High purity gaseous/compressed and Liquid Nitrogen to various industries.


Start Production of Oxygen

Production commenced in our newly installed Oxygen gas manufacturing unit. This made us one of the pioneer manufacturers in gas industry in India, having five different type of gas producing plants at a single premises with largest installed production capacities as well.


Another Unit of Acetylene

Production Starts in our another newly installed state of the art Dissolved Acetylene manufacturing unit in Delhi NCR region, making us one of largest manufacturer of Acetylene


Manufacturing of Argon

Starts Production of Argon gas in Delhi – NCR and become one of the renowned supplier of High purity – Spectro Grade Argon gas, for various industries and laboratories/ research centers.


Export Division

This year our export section came to existence and we become one of the very few exporters in India who supplying Gases, Gas cylinders, Valves and Quads to Africa, Europe and America.


Start Production of Medical Gases

We started supplying medical Gases in this year. Also the in house laboratory setup came to existence in full capacities this year, making us one of the very few supplier for industrial, medical and lab grade gases and gas cylinders.