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Nitrous Oxide N2O Properties

  • CAS No.: 10024-97-2
  • EINECS No.: 233-032-0
  • UN No.: UN1070
  • Purity: 99.9%, 99.999%
  • DOT Class: 2.2
  • Appearance: Colorless
  • Grade Standard: Electronic Grade, Industrial Grade, Medical Grade


Specification 99.9% Electronic 99.999%
NO/NO2 <1ppm <1ppm
Carbon Monoxide <5ppm <0.5ppm
Carbon Dioxide <100ppm <1ppm
Nitrogen -- <2ppm
Oxygen+Argon -- <2ppm
THC(as methane) -- <0.1ppm
Moisture(H2O) <10ppm <2ppm


1. Medical:It is used as a carrier gas in a 2:1 ratio with oxygen for more powerful general anaesthetic drugs such as sevoflurane or desflurane.

2.Electronic:It is used in combination with silane for chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride layers; it is also used in rapid thermal processing to grow high quality gate oxides.


Product Nitrous Oxide N2O Liquid
Package Size 40Ltr Cylinder 50Ltr Cylinder
Filling Net Weight/Cyl 20Kgs 25Kgs
QTY Loaded in 20’Container 240Cyls 200Cyls
Total Net Weight 4.8Tons 5Tons
Cylinder Tare Weight 50Kgs 55Kgs
Valve SA/CGA-326 Brass SA/CGA-326 Brass